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Saving items to the basket
Small files (Cookies) are saved to your computer to make ordering easier. (No information is retained on the server). The file remains on your computer for a period of 30 days. Please bear in mind the more items you add to the basket the longer it will take to reload when you return to the site.

To enable the basket to be saved to your computer you must have cookies enabled or you can add my web site to your trusted cookies zone in Internet Explorer - To do this open Internet Explorer – Click on tools/internet options/privacy and add my web site to your trusted cookies zone. Make sure the web site address is typed correctly or copy and paste this link into the appropriate section -  Saving the basket to your computer is recommended because if you lose the basket whilst you are placing an order you will have a backup copy on your computer. The next time you open my site you will be given the option of reloading your basket. Please note the basket is saved on your computer for a period of thirty days so orders must be completed and placed within this time period. PLEASE NOTE: Some Virus protection software will not allow you to save the basket or favourites cookies to your computer. If you are having problems with either of these cookies please check your internet option settings.

Large orders
When placing a large order adding to the basket may become a very slow process, this is because of the size of the basket cookie held on your computer. You are welcome to email large orders via an attachment using either Excel, Word or a PDF file. (Please contact me regarding the attachment before sending) I will then invoice you when your order has been completed and is ready to post.

Stamps for sale
Stamps for sale on this web site relate mainly to single stamps for the specialised collector of Queen Elizabeth II Machin and Wilding definitive stamp issues. For an in depth analysis of Machin stamps you will need to purchase either the Deegam Complete Machin Handbook CD (Contact Gerry Fisk) or the Machin Collectors Club Machin Catalogue (Contact Melvyn Philpott). All stamps are supplied in white stock cards with each stamp being individually identified by my order number.

Should you have a query regarding a certain stamp with the intention of purchasing please do not hesitate in contacting me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will not answer in depth queries regarding definitive stamps or the phosphor/fluor varieties, you will need to purchase one of the catalogues mentioned above.

Printed lists
Printed lists are available to order on the site for delivery via the post.

Email attachments
I will accept email attachments if you are known to me or have placed an order in the past.
No email attachments will be accepted from unknown sources without prior arrangement (They will be deleted on the server).  If you are known to me or have sent attachments in the past the attachment will be accepted without any prior arrangement being made.

Broken links
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