Fluor shades viewed under long wave light.
DP numbers are the copyright of the MBPC and are used with their permission.

OFNP = Optical free non phosphorised paper PVA = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate gum
OFPP = Optical free phosphorised paper

MH1 - 1st millennium, OFNP/PVA (Blue tinted gum), two 4.5mm blue fluor bands, upright print (Cyls 1, 2) (De La Rue/gravure) - Deegam N1.33.1 - S.G specialised UDB1 - Stoneham HNEG1E - Concise 2124

Two 4.5mm blue fluor bands from sheets cylinders 1, 2 [6.1.00]

DF1 - 1st millennium, OFPP/PVA (Blue tinted gum), upright print (DMS8 miniature sheet) (De La Rue/gravure) - Deegam N1.36.1

Optical free phosphorised paper from H.M. miniature sheet DFMS2 [23.5.00]