Fluor shades viewed under long wave light.
DP numbers are the copyright of the MBPC and are used with their permission.

PCP1 = Phosphorised coated paper (Matt)

PVAD (Dextrin) = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate dextrin gum

ACP = Advanced coated paper
FCP = Fluorescent coated paper

Phosphorised coated paper coated paper


PC143 - 31p lilac, PCP1/PVAD, upright print (Cyl 2) (Harrison/photo) - Deegam 310.1.1 - S.G specialised U323 - Stoneham M344 - Concise X981

PCP1 matt paper from cylinder 2 [30.3.83]

Advanced coated paper


AC159 - 31p lilac, ACP/PVAD, upright print (Cyl 2) (Harrison/photo) - Deegam 310.2.1 - S.G specialised U324 - Stoneham M425

Advanced coated paper from cylinder 2 [17.9.85]

Two B3 phosphor bands


FD880 - 31p lilac, FCP/PVAD, two 4.75mm B3 phosphor bands, upright print (DP88) (Harrison/photo) - Deegam 310.3.1 - S.G specialised U325 - Stoneham M287 - Concise X919

Two 4.75mm B3 phosphor bands from British Rail prestige pane DP88 [18.3.86]