Fluor shades viewed under long wave light.
DP numbers are the copyright of the MBPC and are used with their permission.

PCP = Phosphor coated paper PVAD = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate dextrin gum
ACP = Advanced coated paper PVA = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate gum
OFNP = Optical free non phosphorised paper

Scotland symbol types

Type 1 symbol - The tongue is thinner and the bridge of the nose is continuous. Type 2 symbol - The tongue is thicker and the bridge of the nose is broken.


SW19 - Scotland 26p Red, PCP/PVAD, perforation 13¾ X 14, type 1 symbol (Waddington/litho) - Deegam S260.1.1 - S.G specialised XSL55 - Stoneham SC68 - Concise S49

From cylinder 1A1B [24.2.82]

SQ35 - Scotland 26p Red, ACP/PVAD, perforation 14¾ X 14, type 2 symbol (Questa/litho) - Deegam S260.2.1 - S.G specialised XSL56 - Stoneham SC100 - Concise S72

From cylinders Q1, Q2 [27.1.87]


SQ36 - Scotland 26p Stone, ACP/PVAD (Questa/litho) - Deegam S260.3.1 - S.G specialised XSL57 - Stoneham SC101 - Concise S73

From cylinders Q1Q1 - Q2Q2 [4.12.90]

SQ37 - Scotland 26p Stone, ACP/PVA (Questa/litho) - Deegam S260.4.1 - S.G specialised XSL58 - Stoneham SC89

From cylinders Q1Q1, Q2Q2 [14.5.91]

Rust printed litho

BS26E - Scotland 26p Rust, OFNP/PVA, two 4mm blue fluor bands (Questa/litho) - Deegam S260.5.1 - S.G specialised XSL59 - Stoneham SLS124 - Concise S85

From cylinders Q1Q1 to Q4Q4 [23.7.96]

Rust printed gravure

DS26E - Scotland 26p Rust, OFNP/PVA, two 4.5mm Novaglo blue dull fluor bands, perforation 14.75 (Walsall/gravure) - Deegam S260.6.1 - S.G specialised XS63 - Stoneham SLS129 - Concise S91

Perforation 14¾ from cylinder W1 [1.7.97]

DS26Eb - Scotland 26p Rust, OFNP/PVA, two 4.5mm Novaglo blue bright fluor bands, perforation 14.75 (Walsall/gravure)

DS26Ea - Scotland 26p Rust, OFNP/PVA, two 4.5mm Novaglo blue fluor bands, perforation 13.75 (Walsall/gravure) - Deegam S260.6.2 - S.G specialised XS65 - Stoneham SLS129a - Concise S91a

Perforation 13¾ from Breaking Barriers prestige booklet pane DP270 [13.10.98]

HS26E - Scotland 26p Rust, OFNP/PVA, two 4.5mm blue fluor bands (Harrison/gravure) - Deegam S260.7.1 - S.G specialised XS64 - Stoneham SLS132

From B.B.C prestige booklet pane DP255 [23.9.97]