72p Red

Fluor shades viewed under long wave light.

OFNP = Optical free non phosphorised paper

PVA = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate gum

*RMS-G dull paper  

* You will need a copy of the Complete Deegam Machin Handbook to understand the Byfleet papers annotations.


RMS-G dull paper

DV72d - 72p red, OFNP (RMS-G dull)/PVA, two 4.5mm Novaglo blue fluor bands, upright print (Cyl D1) (De La Rue/gravure) - Deegam 720.1.1 - S.G specialised U467 - Stoneham ATN(c)72 - Concise Y1737

RMS-G dull paper from cylinder D1 [28.3.06]