PCP = Phosphor coated paper PVA = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate gum
FCP = Fluorescent coated paper

WD45 - Wales 14p greyish blue, PCP/PVA (Questa/litho) - Deegam W140.1.1 - S.G specialised XWL9 - Stoneham WA46 - Concise W39

PCP from cylinders Q1Q1, Q2Q2, Q1Q3, Q2Q4 [8.4.81]

WD46 - Wales 14p dark blue, FCP/PVA, 4mm 'SA' phosphor bar right of centre S3 (OR) (Questa/litho) - Deegam W140.2.1 - S.G specialised XWL10 - Stoneham WA63 - Concise W40

4mm 'SA' phosphor bar right of centre from cylinders Q1Q1, Q2Q2, Q3Q3, Q4Q4, Q5Q5, Q6Q6 [8.11.88]