PCP = Phosphor coated paper PVAD = Polyvinyl alcohol acetate dextrin gum
ACP = Advanced coated paper

Bluish violet

Symbol types

Type 1a - Thin tongue and tail, wing tips separate from the wings Type 2 - Thick tongue and tail, wing tips joined to wings

WD86 - Wales 28p bluish violet, PCP/PVAD, type 1a symbol (cyls Q1, Q2) (Questa/litho) - Deegam W280.1.1 - S.G specialised XWL54 - Stoneham WA55 - Concise W63

Perforation 13¾ X 14 from cylinders Q1, Q2 [27.4.83]

WD87 - Wales 28p bluish violet, ACP/PVAD. type 2 symbol (cyls Q1, Q2) (Questa/litho) - Deegam W280.2.1 - S.G specialised XWL55 - Stoneham WA88 - Concise W63a

Perforation 14¾ X 14 from cylinders Q1, Q2

Slate blue


WD88 - Wales 28p slate blue, ACP/PVA (cyls Q1Q1, Q2Q2) (Questa/litho) - Deegam W280.3.1 - S.G specialised XWL56 - Stoneham WA76 - Concise W64

From cylinders Q1Q1, Q2Q2 [3.12.91]